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Seller options

Quick guide for sellers of vehicles or heavy equipment.


For more info or to get an appraisal call us at 1-888-676-6364 or use or online form Sell with us form






(Vehicles and equipment may also be sold without reserve for certainty of sale.)


  1. Approvals (Reserves) At GIQ Auction you have control over your equipment. When you register your vehicle you will be asked for your reserve target price. This amount will be allocated to your lot and the system will sell only when your price (* or more) is reached. * Note that the reserve price does not limit the auction, it is quite possible that your lot goes up more than the reserve price. 
  2. You can change the reserve at any time before the sale ends. No one except the seller can see the reserve.
  3. If the final bid does not reach your reserve price; sellers which are registered as buyers on our website, your lot will show '' pending ''. During this period, which lasts 3 minutes, you can choose to accept or reject the last bid. For sellers not online, a representative will contact you by phone before the end to have your approval or adjust your reserve price. Click here to see how its done!
  4. Lots sold; the established rate of commission will be taken off hammer price, payment will be mailed a maximum of 21 days after the sale.
  5. Unsold lots; you have the option enter an ‘’open offer’’ for an additional 48 hours. This offer must be less than your reserve price.  After this period all unsold lots will be charged an auction fee of $ 600 (+ tx) each. You will have the option to continue the process for our next auction or to withdraw the lot from the site.
  6. The website does not allow sellers to bid on their lots.
  8.  Seller fees click here


Pre-sale period

  1. For the period before the auction, all vehicles can be offered for pre-sale (buy now). We display your price, if sold; the same conditions apply as by auction.
  2. For sellers comfortable with e-mail; it will be possible for you to activate '' make an offer ''. When a buyer makes an offer, you receive an email with the choice to refuse or accept. If you refuse, the minimum price of the next possible offer will be, 5% additional. If you accept, the sale is concluded on the same terms as with the auction. Offers are anonymous, the seller or buyer do not know the identity of the counterparty.
  3. In most cases payment is made within 7 days.
  4. If your lot is unsold during this period, it will go on sale at the auction.