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Financing / Forms

We can finance most major lots (10 000$ to 1 000 000$) through Execucor Financial limited.  You can be pre-appouved before bidding in less than 24 hours. 




By submiting 

You confirm that the information you have given us in respect of this application is true and complete, and you authorize us to rely on and use this information in order to confirm your identity and evaluate your credit worthiness in relation to the financing contract beingentered into. In particular, you agree that we, our affiliates and any third parties acting for us or on our behalf (Hereina fter collectively "us", "we" or "our"), may obtain a credit report or other credit information from any credit reporting agency, credit bureau or credit grantor, and may hold, use, exchange and disclose such in formation for the purposes identified above. If your application is approved, you authorize us to collect, hold, use, exchange and disclose your personal information, as required, in order to administer your contract, determine your insurance eligibility, and secure the assets being financed, or as required or permitted by law. Yo u also authorize us to use your personal information for internal statistical analysis purposes. We will keep a file containing some or all of yourpersonal information at 2 Director Court, suite 102, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 3Z5 from time to time. You have a general right toaccess and rectify the personal information in this file by making a written request to the above address, attention: privacy office.


Execucor Financial Limited is one of 
the oldest lease brokerage firms in Canada. We have been providing financial solutions that work
for businesses, large and small, 

from Coast to Coast since 1983.