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Frequently asked

Warning! All lots and vehicles are available on site for inspection. If you opt to bid without having done your own inspection be aware that sales are final and that the lots are sold as is. Bidders who do not pay their bills will be banned and their case submitted to our legal department.


Who can bid?

Companies, people who represent a company or corporation and professionals. A professional is a person who specializes in a sector of activity or who practices a profession or trade.

Who cannot bid?

Consumers are not allowed to bid.

When will my deposit be reimbursed if I win no lots?

All deposits are released after 7 days by our system. Depending on your bank, they will become available approximately 5-10 business days after which the refund was first initiated.

How much time do I have to pick-up and pay my purchases?

Whether you purchase before or during the auction, you have 7 days to pay and pick-up your winnings from the date on the invoice.  If you need extra time please call before purchase. We can accommodate most late pickups, but not late payments.  Failure to pay within deadlines will result in a banned account.   

When can I pick-up my winnings?

You can pick-up lots anytime during opening hours.  On auction day, invoices are sent after the last lot has been sold. 

Do GIQ have the equipment to load on the site?

Yes! We have all sorts of forklifts and loaders, our staff will be happy to help you out.

Does GIQ Auction deliver my winnings?

No, buyers are responsible for picking up winnings and arranging deliveries. We can suggest third party transport if you need a referral.

Can I pick-up after hours?

For vehicles, if your invoice is paid in full, we have an after hours parking lot.  No loading or support is available.  All other lots must be picked-up weekdays during opening hours.


Is there any warranty?

No, everything is sold ‘as is, where is’. Please inspect lots carefully before bidding.


Can I cancel a purchase?

No, all sales are final, bidders that do not fulfill their obligations will be banned and prosecuted.  Please inspect lots carefully.


I made a mistake and put a wrong bid. Can it be removed?

Depends, if the lot has plenty of time to go, and we judge it’s truly a mistake, we will remove the bid. However, if the bid is made during the sale day period or many bids have been made, we cannot remove these types of bids. Please bid carefully! Deposits will be lost and accounts banned.  


I was connected and I can’t bid anymore?

If you were bidding with no issues and the system stopped taking your bids it’s most likely the session timed out.  Try login off and on again. In some rare cases, a computer and wifi reset will be needed. 

Click here for more support on a PC


Click here for more support on Mobile devices. 


I can connect but my screen does not refresh correctly? Seems like the auction has stopped / time has stopped.

If you have this issue, most likely you are using an older browser. Our website does not support MS Explorer and Edge. We strongly recommend using Chrome.

Download Chrome here


I have lost my password/username

Go to click on Forget your password. Use the magic link to log in either with your email or sms.