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Privacy declaration

Gestion Inter-Québec Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "GIQ") recognizes the importance of respecting privacy and confidential information for owners and bidders participating in GIQ's online auctions (hereinafter referred to as "the Auctions ”) as well as visitors to its website.
Thus, for purposes of transparency and acceptance, for participants in the Auctions, of the rules and/or obligations subscribed, GIQ communicates this privacy policy applicable in the context of the Auctions (hereinafter referred to as "the Privacy Policy ").

1. Personal information collected

In the context of participation in Auctions, owners and bidders are required to communicate personal information, in particular when creating an account or during any other communication with but also when visiting or using its website by its visitors and users (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Information").

This Information is used by GIQ for the sole purpose of the Auctions, in particular to complete and/or finalize the resulting transactions, and it is kept on GIQ's secure servers.

2. Online Security
GIQ takes the necessary means and precautions to ensure that the Information is adequately protected and in particular, the digital encoding according to the SSL protocol of any transmission of the Information to the GIQ website as well as their removal from its servers in order to store in an external database.

3. Cookies, log files and emails
When its website is visited or used in the context of Auctions, GIQ sends one or more cookies (these are files containing a string of characters) to your computer and/or cell phone and/or tablet, in particular in order to identify your browser and improve the experience of visiting or participating in the Auctions. These cookies remember your website user preferences. Browsers are generally configured by default to accept cookies unless you modify this function of your browser.
When you visit or use the Auctions website, GIQ's servers automatically record the information sent by your browser and log files are thus created, which include information about your search queries including the date and time, IP and URL addresses as well as platform type, unique identification of your browser, referring sites, your mouse clicks, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed and duration of consultation.
Your emails and other messages sent to GIQ within the framework of the Auctions may be kept to respond to your requests and act in accordance with the legal and contractual obligations subscribed within the framework of the Auctions.

4. Links, Browsers and Websites
In order to improve the quality of its Auction services, links may be displayed by GIQ on the website to allow it to see whether or not they have been followed by visitors and users.
The Privacy Policy applies only to the GIQ website and its services offered within the framework of the Auctions.
GIQ has no control and cannot be held responsible for the browsers used and the sites whose links may be displayed, which may send their own cookies, create files, collect data or ask you for personal information.
GIQ may process personal information on its servers located in the United States and/or Canada and/or on behalf of third parties (such as advertising partners). GIQ makes no warranty as to the security or use of any information sent to authorized third-party servers.

5. Creation of a user account and personal information
When you create an account to participate in the Auctions, the personal information requested from you is that necessary for the Auctions services and is used in accordance with the Privacy Policy. If GIQ wished to use your information for purposes other than those described in this Policy, your authorization would be required and you would have the possibility of refusing such use.
GIQ uses security measures and carries out internal checks, particularly with regard to the collection, storage and processing of data, in order to prevent unauthorized access to the systems used to store personal information and to prevent their modification, their disclosure or their unauthorized destruction. Access to personal information is limited only to certain employees and/or contractors of GIQ, who are bound by confidentiality obligations and may be subject to coercive measures.