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Quick guide for sellers

Quick guide for sellers of vehicles or heavy equipment.




    (formerly known as Reserves)


    For vehicles and equipment valued at a minimum of $5,000 and up, you can opt for our “on Approval of seller” system.  

    You would then be asked to give us a “minimum amount” you are comfortable selling the lot for. When this amount is reached your lot will automatically be unlocked.

    Using your Buyer/Seller login, you can unlock your lot manually at any time that you’re comfortable - before the sale ends.

    (Note that the Seller Approval amount does not limit the auction, it is quite possible that your lot goes up more than the seller approval amount.) 


    Lots sold

    The established rate of commission will be taken off hammer price, and payment will be mailed out to you within 14 days after the sale.


    Unsold lots

    If the final bid does not reach your Seller Approval amount:

    for 3 minutes your lot will show as ''pending'' your approval, during this period, you can choose to accept or reject the last bid.

    If you reject the last bid:

    you will then have the option enter a “last chance offer” which will appear on our website for an additional 48 hours. (This offer must be lower than your original seller approval amount.)

    After this period:

    all unsold lots will be charged an auction fee of $500 (+ tx) each.

    You will have 7 days to remove the lot from the site.

    For sellers who cannot be online,

    a representative will contact you by phone before the end of the auction.


  2.  Seller fees click here


Pre-sale period

  1. For the period before the auction, all vehicles can be offered for pre-sale (buy now). We display your price, if sold; the same conditions apply as by auction.
  2. '' make an offer ''. When a buyer makes an offer, you receive a text message. Offers are anonymous, the seller or buyer do not know the identity of the counterparty.
  3. If your lot is unsold during this period, it will go on sale at the auction.



For more info or to get an appraisal call us at 1-888-676-6364 or use or online form Sell with us form